Winery Partners

We believe in a partnership approach that puts you, your wines and your story front and center.

Why Partner With Us

We are not a traditional importer that flies in once a year, buys large amounts of your wine, asks for a few tech sheets and flies away.

We build a relationship with you
and your team — small business to small business — to support the growth of your wine sales abroad. 

We are a megaphone to amplify your story
and bring your passion into the New York wine market.

We are the behind-the-scenes logistics team
that streamlines the export and import process to get your wines safely from your winery into a New York wine shop.

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The Reserva Difference

We give you the tools you need for your wines to thrive in the New York market.

Targeted Marketing

We work with your team to craft marketing material specifically tailored to U.S. consumers. Our expertise helps your wines stand out in a crowded market.

Access to Buyers

We put your wines in front of wine buyers across New York State. Our targeted sales campaigns minimize warehouse time so wine goes directly to retailers.


We partner with the leading wine transport companies to group shipments and negotiate better rates. As a licensed importer in New York, we seamlessly handle all customs compliance and paperwork.


Manage invoices, monitor sales and track payments through our streamlined dashboard. We built our technology specifically to serve the wine industry.


Track exactly where your wine is at all times from winery to wine shop with real-time updates on our online dashboard. 

Direct Connection

We enable you as a winemaker to speak directly to retailers. No longer will there be layers of middlemen playing telephone with your wine’s story.

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Our Partnership Approach

When you join the Reserva Wine Marketplace, you're joining a community of passionate winemakers and enthusiastic wine buyers. We are working together to change the way wine is sold. Here's how it works.

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Step 1: Wine Selection

Minimum 1 pallet (50 cases)

We work with you to choose which wines to include in a shipment. We will group your wines with those of other wineries for cost-efficient, climate-controlled shipping.

Step 2: Pallet Pick Up

Track where your wine is at all times

Our freight partner picks the pallet up from your winery. Reserva handles all logistics from this point on. You can see exactly where your wine is at all times through our platform.

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Step 3: Wholesale Pricing

Complete price transparency

We believe in price transparency. Reserva will set a wholesale price that includes a below-industry-standard commission of 20% along with the transport, tax and tariff costs. You can track all costs & prices in your Reserva dashboard.

Step 4: Sales Campaign

Reserva pre-sells your wine

While the wine is in transit, Reserva initiates a marketing campaign to promote your wines to our retail partners throughout the state of New York.

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Step 5: Orders Received

Track each sale in real time

New York-based retailers place their orders for your wine. The moment the wine reaches U.S. soil, we deliver it directly to the retailer. You'll see each order come through in real time on your Reserva dashboard.

Step 6: Continuing Sales

Wine-specific & climate-controlled warehousing

Any wine that is not pre-sold goes to our climate-controlled warehouse. Reserva continues the sales process until the full shipment is sold and delivered to retailers. Your wine is handled with the utmost care by wine-industry-specific warehouse and delivery professionals at every step.

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Step 7: Payment Sent

Revenue sent directly back to you

Once we receive payment from the retailer, we will deduct our costs & commissions and the remaining revenue goes directly back to you, the winery. You can track all payments, sales, expenses and inventory in your Reserva dashboard.

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Let's grow your wine sales together.