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Reserva Wines was born out of a simple principle: passionate people make the best wine. By breaking down the barriers that separate winemakers from wine drinkers, we are able to bring incredible, small-production wines to U.S. consumers at affordable prices while better supporting the artisans who make each bottle. 

For us, wine is about more than terroir,  it is about the families and cultures that give each wine a unique sense of place!

Telling the story of the winemaker, their family, their land and their culture is at the center of everything we do.

We believe wine should be great - great tasting (of course!), great for you (free of chemicals), great for the people who made it (fairly priced) and for the community in which it was made (organically grown). We hope you’ll join us on this delicious journey to support artisan winemakers!

Supporting growers is in our DNA

Meet the Team

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CEO and Founder

Growing up on a lime farm in the Dominican Republic, Jhonatan has had a front row seat to the challenges of getting fresh products to market in a way that doesn’t squeeze growers. He saw his father’s fruit wilting in warehouses while brokers and buyers haggled over prices. Farmers were cut out of the conversation and their prized harvests arrived to market far past their prime. 

So Jhonatan built a first-of-its-kind online produce marketplace to connect farmers directly to retailers. No more middlemen. No more rotting vegetables. In the past decade, Reserva Food Systems has empowered hundreds of independent farmers to sell their harvests directly to grocers and markets in the U.S. With Reserva Wines, Jhonatan is bringing that technological prowess to the wine world to enable winemakers to do the same thing!

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Business Development Manager

After cutting her teeth selling local wine in Texas, Amy came to the country where the ancestors of Texas’s tempranillos were from: Spain. For nearly a decade she has been crafting wine experiences that take people beyond the glass and into the world where each wine is from. 

With a WSET certification and a journalistic eye for spectacular stories, Amy has crisscrossed Europe’s vineyards searching for the hidden gems of Old World wine. When she’s not elbow-deep in fermenting grapes, you can find Amy tapas-hopping her way across Madrid’s century-old bars and trying desperately to keep her houseplants alive.

Meet the Winemakers

The best way to get to know a wine is to see where it comes from! We’ll take you with us (albeit virtually) to experience each winery from an insider’s behind-the-scenes perspective. Wine is a window into another world and we’re here to pull back the curtain for you. 

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